Saturday, September 19, 2015

Yawn and stretch!

Cole is 7 weeks old today (September 19, 2015)!  Here he is, doing something he does several times each day... The yawn and stretch.

She loves her brother...

More tattoos!

So I thought Grace was taking a nap last week… Instead she had found a sharpie and was drawing on the walls, the sheets, the chest of drawers, and herself!

Cole at 6 weeks!

Sweet Granny's 84th birthday!

We had a wonderful time celebrating my Granny's 84th birthday last week! Our family met for dinner at Showmars which is one of Granny's favorite places to eat. We had a wonderful time meeting and fellowshiping and celebrating such a special woman in our lives!

What Isaac wants to learn in school this year...

First day of school 2015/2016!

Dad and his kids!

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