Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Church buddies!

These kiddos enjoy running around the gym while the folks at our church tear down each week. They have a blast together and are becoming good buddies! 

Family Night at Church!

Picnic at the park...

I caught this sweet picture during one of our park days with our homeschool friends. This is Grace and her buddy Jo, enjoying lunch together... 

Gracie gets comfy to do her writing!!

School outside on a gorgeous day!

Cat in the Hat!

Last week, Isaac, Elise, and I went to the Children's Theatre of Charlotte to see their version of the Cat in the Hat. We met up with friends from our local homeschool group and two of those were our friends Gabby and Jennifer! We had a wonderful time watching the play and spending time together. Here are some pictures from our morning at the theater…

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Just another day at Costco!

I'm so thankful that when I take a trip to Costco, Steven often meets us over his lunch break! He plays hide and seek with the kids while I shop, and then we have lunch together. This is something the kids and I look forward to each month!

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