Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Operation Christmas Child Boxes 2014!

Last week we packed our Operation Christmas Child boxes for this year!  We were so blessed to have Steven join us this time around.  Usually we do this while he's at work, but our schedule permitted us to do them with him this year.  

We packed boxes, prayed for the kiddos who will get them, and had lots of fun in the process!  Family FUN!!!

Isaac's Birthday: Part two

The night of Isaac's birthday, we had a cozy family and friends party at our house.  We ordered pizza and ate the cake Isaac had picked out earlier in the week.  The kids played a game of Twister, and Isaac got some special gifts!
Here's Grace, enjoying her pizza...

The game of Twister...


Isaac, blowing out his candles (which he lit himself.)  Oh, and once again, he did ask us not to sing to him.  We asked if we could whisper "Happy Birthday" collectively, which he agreed to.  However, some of us got confused and ended up whispering the entire Birthday song!  He didn't like the attention, but he only covered his ears and got over it pretty quickly.  He asked to re-light the candles two more times. :)

Isaac, Elise and their buddies Jacob (our next-door neighbor) and Lydia:

Gift time!  Isaac always asks for Remote Controlled helicopter.  My Dad never disappoints!

Isaac, reading a handmade card from Jacob.

What a sweet night to celebrate such a sweet boy!

Isaac's birthday: Part one

We started off Isaac's seventh birthday by going to a play at the Children's Theatre of Charlotte. The performance was the Emperors New Clothes and it was quite funny! 

After that we went with our friends Gabby and Jennifer to meet Steven for lunch at Firehouse subs, which is one of Isaac's favorite places to eat. We had a birthday lunch for him and he opened a few gifts including a Play-doh kit from Gabby, a Bible and a wallet from Steven and me.

Happy 7th Birthday Isaac!


This past Friday we celebrated Isaac's 7th birthday! 
Happy Birthday Isaac Ryan! 
You are a treasure and a blessing to us, and we are so thankful for your life and that you are part of our family!  We love you SO much!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Latta Park hike!

On Monday of this week I took the kids to Latta park for a hike through their trails.  Weather was amazing and we had a great time looking at the lake, swinging on the swing, hiking the trails, and running around. I showed the kids where  Steven and I got engaged, they enjoyed hearing the story of how their Daddy proposed.  Isaac and Elise actually thought that we got married there so I had to clarify that there is a difference between getting engaged and getting married!  ;). Your are a few pictures from our adventure…

Saturday, October 4, 2014

101 Dalmations Play

(At Children's Theater of Charlotte)

Dairy Farm Field Trip!

Last week we went to a local farm for a tour with our homeschool group. The farm is set up to demonstrate what life was like for small family dairy farms in the 1920's and 1930's.  The kids had a great time learning about milking cows and using milk to make butter. They actually got to make some of their own!  Here are some photos from our trip... 

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